Carbon Retribution Fund

Our Carbon Retribution Fund was designed to offset the carbon footprint of our company. Although our carbon emissions are minimal there are certain factors to consider. Delivery and shipping of wine, manufacturing of new bottles (about 1/4 of our bottles are reused) and other supplies, and purchased grape production are all much heavier carbon outputs that we contribute to by supporting the companies and machines that are used to accomplish these tasks. Although we would love the world to be a place of horse-drawn carriages or renewable resources there are ways for us to help reduce our carbon footprint and improve the health of Mother Earth today!

By assigning $1.00 from every bottle to be used to purchase one native plant we can help counter our carbon footprint. The plants purchased will be donated to ongoing projects on public lands. Many of the plants will be planted through volunteered time thus maximizing the benefit of the fund. Being included into a managed project will help ensure that not only are the plants helping to offset our carbon footprint, but they are helping to restore and conserve native biological ecosystems on public lands. Many of the planting dates will be advertised to the public for community involvement and if you would like to sign-up for our mailing list please inquire to:

Kiva Dobson –