Our Vineyard

We’ve developed a method of farming which we’ve named eco-dynamic farming. The premise is simple. Introduce as much native flora into your farm so that biodiversity is naturally restored and out-competes harmful pests.

We also time our harvest so as not to disturb the native wildlife, such as ground nesting Western Meadowlarks. This way they may nest undisturbed in the native bunch grasses we’ve planted between our vine rows and eat the pests instead of our grapes. Hence our vineyard name Meadowlark Vineyard.

Meadowlark Vineyard is Certified Organic, thus free of chemical pesticides, fungicides, etc. We prune and thin our vines heavily to allow as much airflow between our grapes and canes and prevent mildew as well as reduce stress to the vine and create a higher quality grape. Our vineyard is a USDA Certified Organic Grower by the State of Washington and the winery is a Certified Organic Processor.

Those grapes not grown on our vineyard come solely from local growers, within a 10 mile radius. This way not only do the wines represent this region but they also don’t have to travel far to reach us.


We don’t add anything to our wines. Our wines are natural and pure and created to carry an energy that promotes health.

Additionally our winery is a fossil fuel free winery. We do everything by hand from planting, harvesting, crush, bottling, even labeling.

This way we reduce our carbon footprint in as many ways as we can think of, something we can all feel good about. To further offset our carbon footprint and give back to the  world in which we live we have recently started a new program, our Carbon Retribution Fund! For every bottle we sell we will personally put 1 plant in the ground in a coordinated effort to revegetate public lands to native ecosystems. Email Kiva at to learn more or get involved!

Who we are

Our founder Robin Dobson was a full-time ecologist for the US Forest Service and helped to establish and manage the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. He envisioned our Ecodynamic Agriculture system and got the business on it’s feet from the ground up.

Kiva tractor harvest smilingRobin’s son, Kiva, has kept the dream alive by dedicating his life to the success of the farm and winery. He fervently believes in Ecodynamic Agriculture as a problem solver for most of our ecological pitfalls and is expanding the idea to include fruit trees, berries, and vegetable gardening in our newly established CSA. He is using permaculture techniques to establish the farm and give living proof to the benefits of Ecodynamic Agriculture. His love for winemaking carries through from a lifelong experience with it and he believes in the power of health-focused products and living wines.

Kathleen Perillo is a full-time professor of biology and environmental science at Clark College in Vancouver, WA. Kathleen has dedicated her life’s work to educating others about sustainability. Realizing that our business model promoted a healthy ecosystem and population she helped guide the winery and launch the Ecodynamic Agriculture idea to a new level.

100% of all our profits go to land conservation and sustainability organizations and every bottle plants a tree.