Rosemary Vinegar


Lightly flavored by organic apricots, this vinegar does well as a vinaigrette.

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Picked and pressed by hand in the Columbia River Gorge. Our wine is fermented on native yeasts before being aged in old oak barrels for up to three years. After tasting the wine we determine it is best used to make this Apricot Vinegar. We inoculate the wine with “The Mother”; a bacterial colony that forms on the top of vinegar as a prevention against invading bacteria. Six months later the entire batch is completely vinegar and aged for another five years in oak barrels. Another taste test to determine quality allows us to choose this vinegar to be poured over freshly harvested organic apricots and let to sit for another year before the final (and favorite) taste test of the Apricot Vinegar.

This Apricot Vinegar exhibits jammy flavors of apricot and fills the mouth. Unsweetened, it is great as salad dressing, cooking or drinking.


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