KCW Wine Collective Contract

Klickitat Canyon Wine Collective Contract

  • I understand that by signing up for the Klickitat Canyon Wine Collective that I will be automatically billed for a minimum of 4 shipments per year.
  • I understand that I am committing to four (4) shipments of 3 bottles each, and that my membership may be cancelled, thereafter, with email or phone confirmation to Kiva (541-400-8147) so long as a shipment is not in preparation.
  • I have my choice to pick up my wine at a tasting room during a WC Event or schedule an alternative wine pick up date or location with Kiva (541-400-8147.)
  • If I cannot pick up my wines within 2 weeks from WC Event date, the wines will be shipped and my credit card will be charged for shipping and handling.
  • Weather (too hot or too cold) problems may postpone shipping for 2-6 weeks after billing.
  • I will maintain a current and valid credit card and address with KCW to ensure delivery.
  • I will keep my email updated with KCW, as we communicate mainly through email.
  • Direct ship requires an adult signature for delivery. If shipment is returned, I am responsible for re-shipment charges.

Names: __________________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________ City: ____________ State: ____ Zip Code:_________
Email Address: __________________________________________________phone # ________
Credit Card: __Visa __MC Number: ______________________Exp. Date: _____ CVC: _____
I prefer: ____ Whites ____ Roses ____ Reds ____ Mixed
Please initial which payment you agree to:
_______Payment Option #1: Pay $240 UP-FRONT. Receive 12 bottles (3 bottles, 4 times per year at each Seasonal Shipment Time) for an average price of $20.00
_______Payment Option #2: Pay at each Seasonal Shipment Time. The costs of the bottles are billed as marked for Members. There is a 15.00 annual management fee with 1st shipment.
____ I am an Oregon resident and my Driver’s License # ___________________
____ I prefer to pick up my wine at WC Events or will schedule with Kiva (541-400-8147)
____ I want my wine shipped to the above address and agree to pay shipping and handling

Date: ___________ Signature: _______________________________________
Location: _________________ KCW Staff: _______________________________________