The Columbia River Gorge

Klickitat Canyon & Columbia Gorge Winery is located in the Columbia Gorge AVA. This region stretches from Portland and Vancouver east out past The Dalles to the Deschutes River. We are nestled in on the Washington side just along the steep cliffs of the Klickitat River.

The Gorge is an extraordinary area, and has become world-renowned for its windsurfing and kite-boarding around Hood River, Oregon. The area is protected by the federally-mandated Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area which restricts and controls development and promotes land stewardship.


Although it is not well-known, the Columbia River Gorge produces some very fine grapes. Climatically, the Gorge is characterized by small microclimates. For example, at the Bonneville Dam the average rainfall is 130 inches per year. Forty miles to the east, at the beginning of the Gorge in The Dalles, average annual rainfall is only 6 inches. The Gorge also has strong winds, typically coming from the west in summer and all these micro-climatological attributes influence the grapes.

Grape production mostly occurs just west of Hood River and eastward beyond The Dalles. The grapes grown near Hood River typically ripen with more difficulty due to cooler temperatures compared to those at The Dalles and further east. Across the Columbia River from Hood River is Underwood Mountain, an old volcano with deep volcanic soils. Celilo Vineyard, from which we obtain most of the grapes for our Columbia Gorge label, is on Underwood Mountain. This vineyard is developing a reputation for excellent grapes.


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The Lyle Hotel:
Lyle, Washington.

Joslyn House Bed & Breakfast
Lyle, Washington

Inn of the White Salmon While Salmon, Washington


Hood River Bed and Breakfast Hood River, Oregon


The Oak Street Hotel Hood River, Oregon


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Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area

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