Meadowlark Vineyard 2.23.2014



Sulfite and Additive Free

Fermented On Native Yeasts

Klickitat Canyon & Columbia Gorge Winery is a small, family-run winery that creates natural wines in the old world tradition. Our wines are processed entirely by hand to reflect the true character of the Columbia Gorge Appellation.

Welcome to our Winery

The joy of winemaking is rooted deeply into the culture of Europe and includes both the art of growing the grapes and the art of making the wine. Our experiences in Europe emphasized the intricate relationship of wine to its rooted origins in the soil and this notion guides the philosophy of our winery today:

Wine should not be created and manipulated in a chemistry lab, as is being promoted by the growing US wine industry. Instead, wine is a beautifully crafted representation of the grapes and the location on which they grew.

At Klickitat Canyon & Columbia Gorge Winery, we let the grapes make the wine – thus we use the natural yeasts found on the grapes and do not add any sulfites or other chemicals. The wine is permitted to develop on its own merits and is fermented completely to dryness before it is bottled.

It is this art of creating a fine wine, truly representing the grapes and the environment in which they grow, that inspires all of us.

Visitors welcome